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1733 S Perry St., Castle Rock

Phone: 303-218-8092 

Email: planetcheer.hmco@gmail.com





US FINALS! Omaha April 21, 2018

Congratulations VELOCITY taking home 3rd place!!  What an accomplishment!


Aloha! Colorado Convention Center- April 14, 2018

What a great day for Planet Cheer!  We are so proud of you all!!

Comets - 2nd, Cosmic Rays 2nd, Velocity 1st, Annabelle (individual) 1st, Mackenzie (individual) 1st!!




Planet Cheer with a CLEAN SWEEP at the CHEERSPORT DENVER competition March 4th!  Also a big Congratulations to Team VELOCITY on their GOLD BID to The US Finals Award!




Planet Cheer is so proud of COSMIC RAYS and VELOCITY!  Participating in the World's largest Cheer and Dance competition!

Cosmic Rays placed 5th out of 12 teams and Velocity placed 5th out of 15 teams!  Both teams faced Fierce competition and both placed in the TOP 5!



WAY TO GO COSMIC RAYS AND VELOCITY ON YOUR 1st and 2nd place at Americas Best January 27th, 2018 AND WINNING BIDS TO THE D2 SUMMIT!!!!


CONGRATS! COSMIC RAYS and VELOCITY!  We are so proud of you!














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