All Star Competitive Teams

These teams are for kids (ages 5-18) interested in being involved in the competitive side of cheerleading.  We are looking for girls and boys that are ready to work hard, travel, make new friends and be a part of the Planet Cheer Family!  You do not need experience to be placed on a team so don't be afraid to show us what you've got, you don't want to miss out on your chance to shine! This is a year-round activity.


Mini and Prep Teams

This is built for athletes that are looking for less of a time commitment, with lower prices, and no travel. These teams only practice during the week and compete in 2-3 local competitions throughout their season. Team timeline: August - April. 


Beginning Tumbling

Cost: $50 per month

Open to girls and boys of all ages, we teach the fundamentals of tumbling including forward and backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, front and back walkovers, back handsprings and more.


Intermediate Tumbling

Cost: $50 per month

Open to girls and boys of all ages, a standing back handspring is required for this class. Athletes will work on connecting multiple back handsprings, work running passes, aerial, back tucks and more.


Advanced Tumbling

Cost: $50 per month

Open to girls and boys of all ages, standing multiple back handsprings and a running tuck are required for this class. Athletes will be working on advancing their standing and running skills including standing tucks, multiple back handsprings to tucks, layouts, arabians, fulls and more.  


Intro to Cheerleading

Cost: $75 per month

The perfect class for those who are interested in cheerleading and want to learn what it’s all about! Each week you will learn fundamentals of cheerleading including motions, jump technique, body control, tumbling, beginner stunting and more!


High School Cheer Prep

Cost: $75 per month

Thinking about trying out for your high school cheerleading team? Tryouts are right around the corner and we want to help you get prepared! We will be covering motions, jumps, tumbling stunting performance and so much more. Coaches will provide try out tips and even hold mock tryouts to help you feel most prepared! Running March and April.


Flight School

Cost: $75 per month

Calling all top girls – this is the opportunity to increase your flexibility, improve your body positions, perfect skills and learn new ones. The first half of class will focus on stretching and pulling body positions, and the second half of class flying on our experienced coaches!


Tot Time Open Play

Cost: $6 per child

Welcome to all kids 6 and under with a caregiver. Stop in to burn off some energy and have the run of our equipment! Kids can jump on the trampolines, enjoy the bounce house, follow obstacle courses and more!


High School Team Tumbling

We offer tumbling classes for high school teams at any level! We work with you to set up the best environment for your team. Call or email us for more information!

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