Q & A


Q:  Is Planet Cheer is new to the industry?

A:  We are new to Colorado but certainly not new to the industry!  Planet Cheer has been in business for 17 years!  Producing SEVERAL Nationally winning teams and SUMMIT teams! we are bringing our experience and passion for this sport and the kids to Colorado!

Q - Do I have to know how to tumble to make a team?

A - Absolutley not!  Our experienced coaches are there to teach you everything you need to be an awesome cheerleader!  Don't be intimidated to try it! We welcome anyone at every level!

Q - What are levels or how do I know what level I am?

A - Level 1 - No cheer Experience, no tumbling or beginner tumbler.

     Level 2 - No cheer experience to some, Tumbling - Back handspring with out a spot, round off back handspring.

     Level 3 - Intermediate cheer experience, familiar with stunting at extended arm level, tumbling - series standing back handsprings, running round off back handspring tuck,    jump combination into back handspring, good with choreography

     Level 4 - Advanced cheer experience, advanced stunting experience, tumbling - standing back tuck, standing back handspring back tuck, running round off back handsping layout, jump combination into back handspring back tuck

    Level 5 - Elite cheer experience, Elite stunting, tumbling - standing tuck or full, running round off back handspring full and other combination passes.