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Age grid and team levels

Age grid: As of August 31, 2013

Tiny - 5yrs and younger

Mini - 8yrs and younger

Youth - 11 yrs and younger

Junior - 14yrs and younger

Senior - 10-18 yrs ( except Worlds teams 12-18yrs)


Level guidelines:

Level 1 - No experience necessary

Level 2 - Standing back handspring,round off back handspring

Level 3 - Standing back handspring series, jump to 2 back handsprings, Round off back handspring tuck

Level 4 - Standing tuck, jump combo into back handspring back tuck, Round off back handspring layout.

Level 5 restricted - jump combo to back handspring full, Round off back handspring full, standing 2 back handspring to full. strong ability to stunt level 5

Level 5 - jump combo to tuck, standing full, 2 back handspring to full or double, round off back handspring to full/double. strong ability to stunt at level 5