Age Grid and Team Levels

Age Grid

Tiny Novice: 3-6 year old

Tiny - 5-6 years old

Mini - 5-8 years old

Youth - 5-11 years old

Junior - 5-14 years old

Senior - 11-18 years old


Tumbling Level Requirements
Level 1

No Experience

Cartwheel, Front Walkover, Back Walkover

ELITE: Switch Kick Back Walkover

No Experience

Round Off

ELITE: Connecting multiple skills (i.e. Front Walkover, Round Off, Back Walkover, Back Walkover Switch Kick)

Level 2

Standing Back Handspring

Back Walkover Back Handspring


Back Handspring Pause Back Handspring

Back Walkover, Back Walkover, Back Handspring

Round Off Multiple Back Handsprings

ELITE: Specialty Pass (i.e. Front Walkover, Round Off, Back Handspring, Back Handspring Step-out)

Level 3

Multiple Standing Back Handsprings, Jumps to Multiple Back Handsprings

ELITE: Back Handspring, Toe Touch, Back Handspring

Round Off Tuck, Round Off Back Handspring Tuck



Punch Front

Specialty Pass (i.e. Aerial, Round off, Back Handspring, Back Handspring, Tuck)

Level 4

Standing Two Back Handsprings to Tuck, Standing Tuck, Jumps to Back Handspring Tuck

ELITE: Standing Back Handspring Tuck

Round Off Back Handspring Layout


Punch Front Step Out


Specialty Pass (i.e. Punch Front Step Out, Round Off Back Handspring, Whip, Layout)

Level 5

Combo Jumps to Tuck, Standing Two Back Handsprings to Layout


Standing Back Handsprings to Full or Double Full

Standing Full

Round Off Back Handspring Full


1 1/2 Full

Double Full

Specialty Pass

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